Fertile Focus Saliva Ovulation Microscope


Reusable Personal Ovulation Microscope to identify the occurrence of ovulation based of saliva research

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Fertile Focus is an ovulation test based on the study of the female saliva. By observing the changes that occur along with the changes in the body the days with highest chances of getting pregnant stand out.

It is called the “ovulatory microscope” because the device has a high-quality optical lens that magnifies the image up to 50 times. When the saliva which is placed above dries, the woman can easily understand whether ovulation has occurred or not. If the ovulation is a fact it can be identified with a formed fernlike structure on it.

This is possible because the microscope recognizes elevated levels of estrogen in the body and the associated increased amount of electrolytes in the female saliva.

  • Convenient, fast and effective method
  • Provides ovulation until 72 hours before it occurs
  • Reusable – has a removable battery and can be used for an unlimited number of tests


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